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What is Google+ Local?

Google has changed the format to Google+ meaning they are linking all places pages to your Google+ account, if you do not use a Google+ or if you have Multiple Google accounts then Google is cracking down and only allowing those that do have accounts be seen. The need for SEO will be greater now than ever before.

One of the latest changes to Google Places Pages is the new Google+ Local integration of social media search. I have been saying for months that Google is going social and even offer Social Reputation Management. One question I have been getting is when someone tries to log in from the new Google+ Local page they are being asked to verify again with a pin that will be sent in the mail.

So how do you get around this? To get into or Login to your existing Google Place Page if you are being asked to resubmit

  1. Open your browser to Google, or click here Google Maps
  2. Next click on the maps tab, once there as a blank page click on the link on the left that says put my business on Google Maps
  3. Enter your Gmail account name and password
  4. You will be automatically redirected to your dashboard for Google Places Page

Here is a link to three videos by Google that explains some of Google+ Show me the Videos

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Submitting A Site To Google Places

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  1. mixrenay
    5 years ago

    Hey Jay,

    Thanks for the advice. The individual videos pull-up and work every time. Strange thing I noticed just a minute ago … I typed “Trussville Chiropractic” in the google search bar and my web page is moving up on the search engine, already. I am pleased. My youtube video is already on page one, and my web page is on page two. That’s a big improvement already!! I know I have a ton of work to do yet, but your videos and my willingness seem to be working.

    Thanks a bunch,

    P.S. What suggestions do you have about the webpage layout? Such as my logo positioning, or anything else along those lines? I am building great confidence in you, and I think we may be able to take this thing all the way to the top!

  2. Admin
    5 years ago

    I know you will be in the top 7 box soon, we have bonus videos on structuring your website further along in the course, I think video 17 keep me posted.


  3. drgking7
    5 years ago

    Hey Jay

    You’ve been a wealth of knowledge and helped me tremendously in improving my ranking, as well as helping me improve my website.

    Thanks for your help, I highly recommend your services to anyone that wants to be number one!

    Dr. King

  4. Admin
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much, I am glad we could help.

  5. Trancenow
    5 years ago

    Dear Jay,

    As you know, we are based in Australia and have been disappointed with other seo companies to say the least. But I am so glad we found you and trusted you to help us with our 2 maps listings. Your ongoing attention to detail, responsiveness to emails and unparalleled knowledge of seo means we will want to continue doing business and referring you other local businesses. You clearly know your seo and how to boost rankings! Keep it up!

    Cheers from Down Under!


  6. Admin
    5 years ago

    It is a pleasure working with you, Thank you for the kind words.



  7. internetvideoguy
    5 years ago

    A thoroughly intuitive course that has helped me immensely. I’m in the UK so didn’t know whether this was right for me.

    Having been on here since 5th March, its been the best Google Places course I have found, especially for the small investment.

    I’ve now created a places page for a client and now looking forward to the benefits this information has taught me.

    Jay has even assisted me with some additional advice and in lightning speed response times too, so I can thoroughly recommend that if your sitting on the fence, make that small investment and you’ll learn plenty as I am doing.

    Steve Smith

  8. Anthonyburg
    5 years ago

    Wow such fast service! I can’t think of a recent time that I have had my questions answered so quickly and detailed. Jay you’re the best! Thanks for all the help in getting me started. I will definitely be recommending your web site and services!

  9. In one day, Jay solved a Google Places issue I’d been having for literally MONTHS. He clearly knows what he’s doing, and is able to give you personalized, CORRECT information about how to improve your listing, while always remaining completely white-hat. Don’t hesitate, he’s the real deal. Leo’s Pet Care

  10. vaughnpi
    5 years ago

    After more than three years of being frustrated, by a number of so called marketing companies. I found Condor Marketing, who moved my google listing from page ten to the first place on page one.This was done in just two weeks. I can not say enough about about this company or the fine people like Jay who work there. Vaughn Private Investigations

  11. Admin
    5 years ago

    Thanks Anthony,

    You took the course and did what we suggested by implementing our optimization process, I can only take credit for giving you the information you needed to get this done. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone and helping you along the way. The best part is always seeing it work and it always does.

  12. Feline Fabulous
    5 years ago

    I have had many people promise me that they could get me on the first page of Google Places, I paid and patiently waited, but no results. Then I was introduced to Jay and Condor Marketing. Jay has a wonderful personality and an understanding of what my business needs. Thru his direction my business is now on the first Page of Google Places and he did not stop there. My website is inviting and easy to view, I have a greater understanding of how it all works now, all because he cares and took the time with me. He has gone beyond what I expected and now I am excited about marketing my business! None of this would be possible without Jay and Condor Marketing, they do what they say and I already am seeing the results in my business. I would recommend them to all small business owners. Carmen Craig Feline Fabulous Charlotte, NC

  13. JustZ
    5 years ago

    Hello Jay,

    I just wanted to say thanks for providing a great course for such an affordable price. I have paid more for other courses on this topic and received far less information. I also appreciate the updates you have provided to the course (at no additional cost) since I first purchased in April.

    This information is great for applying to your own listing or to help a client improve their rankings. Your tip on geocoding YouTube videos was worth the price of admission alone! Plus you actually answer emails!

    For anyone wondering…this is the real deal!

    Tracy Z

  14. jaboorman
    4 years ago


    I have been meaning to leave some feedback for quite sometime.

    Kudos to you and your Google Places course – it has been a Godsend.

    I have followed all the steps laid out in the course and despite Google always mixing it up and changes Google Places my positioning for my relevant keywords has stayed strong. Drink Driving Lawyers in Sydney, Australia is one of the most competitive legal areas and I am consistently ranked in the top 2 Google Place results.

    Even after being slammed by Panda and Penguin – my Google Place results have kept our business alive and kicking.

    Thank you for everything and I very much appreciated your physical post card – it was a very personal touch.

    Happy to recommend this course to anyone aiming to rank well on Google with their business.



    Just about to get stuck into your new Video Course – will let you know how it goes!!


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